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Give Me Too 2.50

Give Me Too is an easy-to-use and affordable packet sniffer
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Give Me Too - is an easy-to-use and affordable packet sniffer, network analyzer and network sniffer that plugs into computer networks and lets you easily monitor any Internet and e-mail activity that occurs in them. Give Me Too captures all data transferred through the network via HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and IRC protocols and lets you easily learn what your children, spouse or employees are doing online when you are not watching. Give Me Too supports of OSCAR protocol, i.e. now the program can intercept ICQ and AIM messages. When this network sniffer works in the stealth mode, it is absolutely invisible even to the users of your computer. To unhide it, you need to press a custom keyboard shortcut. All data captured by Give Me Too is stored to a folder of your choice and organized in an easy to navigate way (the captured Web pages and e-mail messages are sorted by protocol and computer or e-mail account). If you have several network cards installed, Give Me Too can simultaneously intercept packet sent through all these cards (up to 9 network interfaces are supported). Each interface can have individual settings. The program features a powerful filtering system that let you capture specific information only. For example, you can capture only data coming from a specific URL, requested by a specific IP, or e-mails coming from a specific address.
- Give Me Too lets you control the surfing habits of the LAN users. The copies of all visited pages are saved to a secret folder for you to browse them later.
- Give Me Too enables you to control e-mail communications in your local network (SMTP and POP3 protocols) and saves copies of all sent and received e-mail messages.
- Give Me Too has ability to capture traffic on a switched networks (networks based on switches).
- Give Me Too features a powerful system of filters that can be applied to the captured data.
- Give Me Too takes very little system resources.
- Give Me Too is very friendly and easy-to-use.

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